Being different from its previous implementations, TTRR 2021 is the 9th annual event that will be held during the Covid-19 pandemic with the new normal protocols still strictly followed.

TTRR 2021 is an independent trail running race that is held along the original Tahura Trail route.

The location or field that will serve as the venue of the race is the outdoor environment with uneven road contours and challenging obstacles. The track that will be followed is a public road that includes the variety of asphalt roads, rocky roads, dirt/muddy roads, village settlements, and paving blocks. Aside from the uneven road contours, whether it be uphill or downhill, this race will be held in the outdoor environment with changes in weather (such as cold weather, rain, and heat)  that should be anticipated by all participants. Trail running demands high levels of motivation as well as stamina in order to overcome each challenge presented in the venue.

  • Start/Finish Location: Taman Hutan Raya Ir H Djuanda, Bandung, West Java
  • Date: 27 February – 14 March 2021
  • Number of Participants: 150 per day
  • Categories:
  • 6K Family, Classic 10K, Long 17K, Half Marathon Trail
  • • Individual Marathon Trail – Saturday, 13 March 2021
  • Marathon Team (team of 3) – Saturday, 13 March 2021


  • Participants will register online ( and have the Tahura Trail application downloaded.
  • When filling in the registration form, participants will choose a time frame (date and time) in order to take part according to the time frame chosen, with reference to the provisions on the set quota of the number of participants per day.
  • In order to avoid any inconveniences, the race package will be sent to your address by delivery services. The race package includes face mask, participant wristband, and an entrance ticket corresponding to your chosen time frame. A finisher tee and medal will be sent to your address after completed running.
  • Participants can also register for this activity by running trail running virtually anywhere according to the selected distance in the period 30 January – 14 March 2021. After the results of the run are uploaded to the website, the jersey and medal will be sent.

Participants must be willing to follow rules set by committee and will comply to the health protocols following the prevention of the Covid-19.


Short Course 10kRp 300.000 per person
Long Course 17kRp 350.000 per person
Half Marathon TrailRp 400.000 per person
Family Trail 6k

Rp 600.000 per family (consisting of 3 family members)

Individual Marathon TrailRp 450.000 per person
Team Marathon TrailRp 1.200.000 per team (consisting of 3 people)


  • An attribute of participation that includes finisher tee and medal
  • Entrance ticket to Taman Hutan Raya Ir Djuanda
  • One (1) tree seed 
  • Appealing doorprize
  • Wonderful views, a challenging track, as well as very fresh air

* Loyalty Discount of 10% to Tahura Trail Running Race 2020 participants.
Registrations are open on 26 December 2020 until the quota has been fulfilled.



  • While being in the Tahura Djuanda area, participants must use a face mask; maintain physical distancing; and must wash their hands in the provided facilities.
  • The running activity will be conducted independently based on the chosen time frame
  • Start time limit for each category
    • 6k,10k: 06:00-14.00
    • 17K, 21k: 06:00 – 12:00
    • 42k: 06:00 – 08:00
  • Finish time limit: 17:00
  • Participants are obligated to bring the following items:
    • 6K,10K: Mineral water, raincoat, mobile phone
    • 17K,21K: Mineral water, raincoat, mobile phone, flashlight, map of the track
    • 42K: Mineral water, food, raincoat, mobile phone and power bank, flashlight, map of the track, whistle, first-aid kit, emergency blanket
  • The committee is currently unable to provide refreshment in the start / finish area
  • Participants must be able to navigate their way in the track that has been set by the committee by following the road markings in the form of signage, directions, reading the race map and following the route guide through the Tahura Trail application or with the help of the GPS device that can be downloaded in our website.
  • Cutting the race track is not permitted. In the scenario that you are lost, return to the last place where you saw a marker or signage. The committee will not provide a marshal. Participants must be responsible for themselves and must be able to independently mitigate any potential problems that might occur. In a case of emergencies, participants may contact the committee through the number 0812 8608 9499.

The committee has the rights to alter the race track, postpone or cancel the event in a situation that is deemed to possibly pose a risk to participants; such as heavy rain, storm, and other situations like a change in the status of the Covid-19 spread zone.


Toilet and praying room can be founded in Plaza Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda

  • Due to the current condition, the committee does not provide drop bags


  • Due to the alterations in conditions, the committee does not record running time
  • Participants are asked to upload the picture taken in the start line area, the checkpoint, and the finish line area on as evidence of completing activities. Finisher Shirt and Medal will sent to participant.
  • There are appealing doorprize

Individual Marathon Trail and Marathon Team QUALIFICATIONS

  • The Individual 42k category of Tahura Trail will be held on Saturday, 13 March 2021
  • Individual 42k category Requirements:
    • Top 10 Finisher of Tahura Trail 42k 2019/2020 or
    • Top 10 Indonesian runner in Asia Trail Master Championship 2018/2019 or
    • Possessing a record below 04:30 or 06:00 for 42k road men’s category
    • Possessing a record below 05:00 or 07:00 for 42k road women’s category
    • Possessing a record of completing an ultra trail race >=100km

    Start time: 06:00

    CUT OFF TIME: 17:00

    The 42k Team category of Tahura Trail will be held on Saturday, 13 March 2021

    42k Team Requirements:

    • Consisting of 3 regular members
    • Each member has a record of completing a trail run of >=42k
    • Or has a record of completing a 42k road run below 05:30:00

    Start time: 06:15

    CUT OFF TIME: 17:00


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WA only: 0812 8608 9499

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