Competition Rules and Regulations


Tahura Trail Running Race is a trail running competition in which location or terrain in nature trail which has uneven road and has a challenging natural obstacles .

Tracks that will be passed is a common form of asphalt roads , rocky road , dirt road / mud , villages and paving blocks with race distance for Short is + -10Km, Long Course +-17km, Half Marathon Trail, Marathon 42k Trail, and+- Family + -6km.

In addition to the uneven contours of the road both uphill and downhill , this competition is held in the open nature trail with the weather changes that must be anticipated by each participant such as cold , rain and heat .

Unlike road running competition, trail running requires more stamina, a better sense of running technique, and high spirit than running on the roads in order to the challenges in trail running competition.


Everyone is eligible to become a participant Tahura Juanda Trail Running Race with the following requirements:

  • Fit and healthly condition
  • Choosing class category in accordance with the age of the participants.
  • When selecting the category of Family shall consist of three members of the family : Father / Mother / Child ( min age 6 years )
  • Participants meet the requirements specified by the Committee.


1. Participants must do the race under their own power without the help of the wheel or mechanical support.
2. Bring a bottle of drink / water bladder minimal 1lt ( for Half Marathon and Marathon Trail ).
3. Bring raincoat, whistle, and cell phone.
4. Maintain cleanliness and not littering .
5. Following the path already set by the committee in the form of signage, the road markings, directions and directives of marshal. Short cuts is not allowed. If you get lost return to the last sighted marking.
6. Finishing the race in accordance with the cut off time.
7. Comply and follow the instructions specified by the Committee.
8. Acting sportsmanship and put safety first.
9. The committee reserves the right to change the race route , race postpone or cancel the race if there is something that is considered to endanger the participants , such as rain, storms , lightning and other potential events.
10. Participants who violate the rules may be disqualified.

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